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    Can you have sex during pregnancy?

    The question of whether or not you can have sex during pregnancy is on every couple's lips. But what is the reality? You are invited to read this article to be more and more informed.

    Pregnancy Cases: Preventing Sex

    Some so-called "complicated" pregnancies are factors that prevent sexual intercourse. A complicated pregnancy includes, in the first place, the tearing of the amniotic fluid sac. This can lead to infection during intercourse and affect the viability of the pregnancy. However, the most frequent case is when premature delivery is imminent and sexual intercourse is therefore prohibited. On the other hand, when the woman is bleeding, either before or during the act, it is time to consult and stop all activity. When one of the parents is a herpes carrier, it is strongly advised to wear a condom or simply abstain. No subject should be taboo during pregnancy, as the health of the unborn child is at stake, so it is advisable to seek advice from your gynaecologist.

    Sex during pregnancy: what are the advantages?

    The baby is very far from the womb and the back and forth of sexual intercourse cannot hurt or harm it. The overcautious husband is even advised showering the mother-to-be with affection, as well as spaced but tender sexual activity. Indeed, in addition to the hormonal period that puts her off sex, the second trimester brings about a surge of libido that must be satisfied. In addition, the fact that the mother-to-be is satisfied and feels loved to have an effect on the psychology of the foetus. It is accepted that the happier the parents are, the happier the child is, because the positive vibrations are transmitted to the child through the mother. It is therefore advisable to space out sexual intercourse, but not to abuse certain positions. In the case of pregnancy, doggy style is more suitable, as it does not tire the mother and protects the pregnant belly.

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    What is numerology?

    Just like fortune-telling, numerology has also taken off in the world. So how can numerology be defined and what are its applications in the world? That article will help you to know more about numerology.

    Numerology: Definition and Principle

    Numerology is a divinatory science, just like palmistry. It has its origins in India and later in the Kabbalah. It consists of relying solely on numbers and interpreting their omen on the lives of humans. Indeed, this divinatory art is based on the principle that each number has a numerical value. Numerologists have named this value the vibratory frequency of the number. The world of numerology is divided into two sections, traditional numerology and numerology with 22. The first is Western and Latin, it has nine digits and is still called arithmancy. The second one is the 22-digit one and is rather kabbalistic, because it is the Sephiroth which has 22 as a base.

    Numerology: Field of Application

    In principle, given the value given by the numbers, whatever the part of numerology, it must act on any area of life where divinatory science can act. Nevertheless, numerologists or fortune-tellers using numerology are more likely to be found in fairs. In addition to these places, they can be found in traditional India where it occupies a more important place. Indeed, numbers such as birth years are coupled with astrology to establish the compatibility between the suitor and the bride. In Hindu countries, this practice is often for a marriage and the verdict of the numbers can decide whether or not the marriage will take place. But the practice is becoming more modern in the Western world, and numerologists have personal websites, like fortune-tellers, where subscribers can consult. Asking numerologists about the future, or whether the current relationship can be successful, are among the most common requests.

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    The Human Happiness Index: what to know?

    The GDP of a country is no longer enough to measure the wealth of a country, so the Human Happiness Index was created. How can it be defined and how is it calculated?

    Human Happiness Index : Definition

    The Human Happiness Index is the successor of the Human Development Index which exists to correct the shortcomings of the GDP. Indeed, the GDP of a rich country does not really indicate its wealth but only the wealth linked to mineral or subsoil resources. The HDI goes further than the human development index, which is based on GDP, on life expectancy and on the level of education. The Human Happiness Index is to the national level what the World Happiness Index is to the world. The latter offers standardisation and encompasses the rational calculation of each country, but how is the world happiness index calculated?

    World Happiness Index: How to Calculate It

    To calculate this new index, we must first know the sectors it encompasses, as we know those of the GDP or the HDI. First of all, the Human Happiness Index, as its name indicates, seeks to know the rate of happiness per population. But what criterion makes a population a sum of happy people? Undeniably, no one under the yoke is happy, so freedom is the first criterion. Following freedom, a country where insecurity reigns and where the people are constantly engulfed in fear cannot claim to make its population happy. Thus, security and freedom are the first two criteria, to which is added the quality of life of an individual in the literal sense plus education and the valorisation of culture. To obtain the IMB, varying each year, the average of 40 indicators coming regularly in the world institutions with economic and legal value. The annual results are published on the website globeco every spring.

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    How can you tell the difference between contractions?

    When you are pregnant, especially for the first time, you are plagued by questions. How do you know when it's time? Do you want that, you must read that article and be prepared about the eventual difference among contractions.

    Who can give you the information?

    Pregnancy has to be prepared, as doctors or even paediatricians often say. That is why prenatal care is as important as the care after the pregnancy. Indeed, during prenatal visits, the mother is taught the appropriate gestures for keeping the baby healthy. She is also taught how to take care of her pregnancy with haptic gestures and rest at a given time. However, as the pregnancy approaches, the advice changes and the mother is prepared for the birth. She is taught that the time of pregnancy is such and such and contractions is the bell of pregnancy. You can also visit your chimister, he will help you about all these.

     Contractions: definition and how to differentiate them

    It is customary that in the first pregnancy, contractions are two to four weeks before delivery. In future pregnancies, however, contractions mark the beginning of labour. However, some contractions do not cause labour to begin, and these are known as Braxton Hill contractions. The doctor will tell the mother-to-be during the prenatal visit that real contractions are constant and get stronger as time goes by. False contractions, on the other hand, are irregular and stop when the mother is resting. The doctor instructs to check if the contractions have been occurring every 5 minutes for an hour. If this is checked, it means that the contractions are real and that labour has begun. For this purpose, it is advisable to leave for the hospital. These courses are often not recommended by the doctor, but the pregnancy support courses are very helpful in preparing for this moment.

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    Some Natural Remedies for a Hangover

    It is very unpleasant to wake up the next morning after a drunken evening and find that everything is spinning in your head. But don't panic! With a few natural remedies, it will be a bad memory. Read that article and you will know more about those natural remedies for hangovers.

    Hangover: Lemon Tea

    This is one of the simplest recipes, as it doesn't take too much time and is available in any household. Indeed, lemon tea is doubly beneficial, as both components have convincing effects on hangovers. Lemon is known for its ability to soothe vomiting while allowing digestion. This is something that was blocked because the liver became dysfunctional for a while. Honey, on the other hand, is a powerful metabolism of the watery solution. In addition to this, it helps to regulate blood sugar levels and soothes the various aches and pains that plague the throat after the moment of drinking.

    Hangover: Eating

    It's no secret that alcohol makes your stomach hollow, so it's imperative to eat when you wake up to reduce your hangover. In fact, it is useful to eat what you like, especially energy foods or certain raw vegetables for their virtues. Moreover, eat a consistent but fair diet, so as not to create other problems of indigestion in this gaseous state. Moreover, during hangovers, it is advisable to eat slowly to replenish your energy.

    Hangover: A Banana Smoothie

    Yes, it takes some effort, but it kills two birds with one stone: get rid of the hangover, have a great breakfast and reinvigorate your taste buds. Indeed, the banana combat nausea, reduces digestive problems and increases the level of anaemia. The lack of potassium in the blood causes vomiting and diarrhoea. Finally, you should note that there are so many natural remedies, which can help you, you must try them.

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