Can you have sex during pregnancy?

The question of whether or not you can have sex during pregnancy is on every couple’s lips. But what is the reality? You are invited to read this article to be more and more informed.

Pregnancy Cases: Preventing Sex

Some so-called “complicated” pregnancies are factors that prevent sexual intercourse. A complicated pregnancy includes, in the first place, the tearing of the amniotic fluid sac. This can lead to infection during intercourse and affect the viability of the pregnancy. However, the most frequent case is when premature delivery is imminent and sexual intercourse is therefore prohibited. On the other hand, when the woman is bleeding, either before or during the act, it is time to consult and stop all activity. When one of the parents is a herpes carrier, it is strongly advised to wear a condom or simply abstain. No subject should be taboo during pregnancy, as the health of the unborn child is at stake, so it is advisable to seek advice from your gynaecologist.

Sex during pregnancy: what are the advantages?

The baby is very far from the womb and the back and forth of sexual intercourse cannot hurt or harm it. The overcautious husband is even advised showering the mother-to-be with affection, as well as spaced but tender sexual activity. Indeed, in addition to the hormonal period that puts her off sex, the second trimester brings about a surge of libido that must be satisfied. In addition, the fact that the mother-to-be is satisfied and feels loved to have an effect on the psychology of the foetus. It is accepted that the happier the parents are, the happier the child is, because the positive vibrations are transmitted to the child through the mother. It is therefore advisable to space out sexual intercourse, but not to abuse certain positions. In the case of pregnancy, doggy style is more suitable, as it does not tire the mother and protects the pregnant belly.